The Power of Flower in your Ketubah!

We all love flowers. Their vibrant colours, attractive smell, and just the simple fact that they’re beautiful to look at make us adore them. Mother Nature brings life to our surroundings with a diverse spectrum of flowers spread over land, water and above our heads in trees.

Floral art is one of the most popular kind there is. People love it not only on their walls but on their clothes and curtains and tables and the so on. Anything with flowers is sure to win hearts and is a failproof design. Flowers are an integral part of our lives and are present at almost every major event in our lives. Whether it be a wedding, birthday, funeral or graduation.

We all know that a red rose represents love, but did you know that each colour of a type of flower stands for something? There is actually a ‘language of flowers’ which people use to communicate with.

Many couples like to include hidden messages and meaning in their ketubahs through the depiction of a certain flower or flowers. A gloxinia on a ketubah means ‘love at first sight’, a white violet says ‘let’s take a chance on happiness’.

Couples mix and match different flowers and colours on their ketubahs to create a message to each other, known only to each other, yet aesthetically stunning on the surface.

Our flower ketubot collection features ketubahs with subtle details of flowers embedded within its background. The flowers surround the text of each ketubah carrying beauty and meaning both at the same time.

Red roses weaved into the artwork of The Deco Flowers Ketuabah and The Bright Kiss Ketubah symbolize deep love and passion in a relationship. Whereas cherry blossoms in The Asian Woodgrain Flowers Ketubah and Lost View Of Fuji Ketubah represent spirituality and beauty in a marriage.


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