BAM! KA-BOOM! CRACK! The Pop Art Comic Ketubah!

Some people get all the luck—they find a great girl who loves comic books! Some people love comic books, and I’m glad to count myself as one of them. Whether you consider yourself a full-fledged nerd or just want to hang on to some childhood nostalgia, a Pop Art or Comic-Book Ketubah could be just what you’re looking for. Or something you would want to commission!

Sure we’ve done the modern masters like Picasso and Chagall—and we love their traditional themes and classic feeling with an artsy modern touch. Yet it seems like everyday Team Ketubah keeps running into more and more indicators that we should go beyond our standard Pop-Art icons like Lichtenstein and Wharhol Ketubah to create a comic-book Ketubah!

Over the last week, we’ve found two great pictures that make us want to drop everything and have a super-hero inspired wedding! First, there is this incredible Pop-Art Ketubah captured by the great people at Jackson Photography. We love the glass-breaking theme. Super creative!

Then, it seems like the internet-cum-ketubah-gods were trying to tell us something. The uber-creative Maddie at Broke Ass Bride showed us everything a lucky girl needs to have an awesomely inspired Super Hero, pop-art inspired wedding. These speech bubble head bands are just too cool to pass up. They keep your hair back and let the world know what you’re thinking!

That said, Team Ketubah couldn’t get enough of these great ideas, and not only are we geeking out, but we’re doing it with a smile! My High School English teacher always said that Comic Books, or their more formal name “Graphic Novels” are the next frontier of great literature, and we’re happy to oblige by helping transform this classic into an art form!

We’re just doing our part to put a modern spin on a traditional classic, from Reform to interfaith!

Team Ketubah

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