Big-time Artist or Amateur Doodler, Design your Own Ketubah!

There is no shortage of options in the hundreds of templates to choose a ketubah from. From the ton of colours, themes and landscapes available on This is Not a Ketubah alone, the choice is endless. Each more stunning than the last. But for those looking for something unique and personal, a customized ketubah is the way to go!

You can set an appointment with a professional artist to create a ketubah from the ground up just for you. Lay out your vision and inspirations, and collectively you, your partner and artist will produce a customized masterpiece. Creating a custom ketubah takes a lot of effort, but the reward is priceless when it serves you faithfully for a lifetime.

But how about you go one step further and eliminate the services of a professional entirely? Whether you’re make a living off your art or a doodler who’s sketches have never seen the light of day, everybody can draw and paint. Get creative or dig up some old drawings from both your childhood and use it to plaster your ketubah.

Joint art projects are the best. You could divide up elements of a painting and finish it up together. Or take a couple of art classes a few months before your wedding to uncover hidden talents and to get inspired. Not only is art therapeutic, but you’ll always look back on your ketubah as the time you both bonded over creating two parts of a whole!

Go through your old files and school projects, and you might discover some hidden gems from your childhood ;) Make your past a part of your future by incorporating them on your ketubah. If you have children, then get inspired by Angelina Jolie and ask your kids to draw something for your ketubah (instead of on the bride’s veil!).

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