When Guests and Ketubahs Mix Well

A wedding is as fun as its guests.

Your friends and family are the life of the party in the most literal sense. They are (unofficially) in charge of making your wedding the best day of your life. They hold the fort down and keep the party going through the good and the bad times.

Newlyweds are very appreciative of all the help and support they receive at one of the most stressful times of their lives. They pick up the pieces when things go crazy and make their dreams a reality. They say ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’, and that couldn’t be more closer to the truth when they pull through in your moments of need in your wedding.

Couples show their love and appreciation for the help of their guests and friends with a thank you note …

… or a ketubah.

Yes, your ketubah! Your wedding guests can stay a part of your marriage for as long as your ketubah survives. There are many cool and unique ways for incorporating your guests into your ketubah.

A big favorite with our clients (and one of my personal favorites!) are the fingerprint ketubahs. These ketubahs hold an outline of a tree framing the body of text. Your guests add color to the ketubah by filling out the bare trees with stamped fingerprints in the place of leaves.

Place stamp pads with colors of your choice at the entrance beside the ketubah and have someone ask your guests to add their mark on the way in. You don’t need to stick to the natural color of green, but add shades from autumn or spring, or go completely random.

Other fun ways to incorporate your guests is to ask them to add a short message or sign their name inside a thick hollow border of the document. Be creative and you’ll find no shortage of ideas to make your guests a part of your ketubah, the same way they are a part of the ceremony – and yes, you can find many cool ideas from Pinterest to help you get started ;)

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