Birds of a Feather: Feather Inspired Ketubah

Birds of a Feather: Feather Inspired Ketubah

We’ve all used the expression light as a feather at least once in our lives. That may be the first association to a feather – lightness, ease, simplicity, and serenity. Of course, everyone’s minds work differently and a single notion cannot have the same connotation for everyone. For some, feathers may signify extravagance, glamour, and class when associated with fashion. Some people may associate a feather with literature and the very roots of this art. Then again, others may think of their favorite bird or its historical significance. Today we’re diving into different feather symbolisms and views in various cultures and traditions, which may align with your own.

When talking about cultures and feathers, it is impossible to neglect the Native Americans and their beliefs. In their culture, a feather stands for honor, as well as a close, intimate connection between the owner of the feather, and the bird it originates from. Besides honor, in Native American tradition, a feather represents wisdom, strength, power, as well as freedom – due to the connection to bird symbolism. Feathers had to be earned among the Native Americans, as warriors would only receive one if they won a battle, or demonstrated extreme bravery in a war.

In other cultures and religions, feathers are believed to be traces of angels, and physical proofs of their existence around us. Needless to say, a feather is a firmly established symbol of freedom for many people, not only because of its relation to birds and their flight but also because of its lightness and tenderness. One of the most interesting depictions of feather symbolism comes from ancient Egypt, where, after death, a person’s heart was supposed to be weighed against a feather, in order to determine their sins. In the event that their heart weighed more than a feather, that person would be considered sinful and would not be granted the beauties of eternal life.

The Hamsa Dream ketubah features two powerful, complex symbols: the hamsa, and a dreamcatcher. This ketubah design is a lucky charm for all couples who enjoy the strong meaning behind these two symbols, given that a dreamcatcher is known to cleanse the energy and magnetically attract good vibrations. We’re also sure that those of you who enjoy bright colors and eye-catching geometrical designs will gravitate towards this feather ketubah design. For more options, make sure to head over to our online feather-inspired gallery and choose your ketubah design today!

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