Less is More: Minimalist Ketubah

Less is More: Minimalist Ketubah

In life, we often tend to complicate things way too much, always looking for something better and bigger. In fact, the best things in life seem to be pretty simple and straight-forward, and we’re the ones ruining them with our tendency to complicate. If the essential idea of the minimalist movement could be put into words, the motto would be less is more – meaning that great things in life, as well as great art, do not have to be pompous and extravagant, but quite the opposite. If you’re a person who appreciates the simplicity of minimalist art, we’re quite positive you’ll manage to find the ketubah of your dreams while exploring our minimalist ketubah collection.

Minimalism is a movement in art that originates from the United States, or New York, to be exact, which saw the light of the day in the 1960s. The minimalist movement revolves around pretty clear, straight-to-the-point principles: simplicity of the form, and an entirely objective approach to art. Minimalist art is also often referred to as ABC art, meaning that it focuses on exploring the essential components of art, ignoring the personal, subjective aspect. Not allowing the subjectiveness to get in the way of art allowed these artists to truly wrap their heads around the actual, pure elements of art, as well as music.

If you were to ask a minimalist to explain their philosophy of living, they would probably present it as an expression of freedom in its purest form. Therefore, we cannot view minimalism strictly as an art movement, but rather as a lifestyle that is still very much popular amongst open-minded people. A minimalist does not sweat the small stuff in life, which allows them to keep their focus on what really matters, and view life objectively. A minimalist is not held down by anything, because they’ve truly embraced the simplicity of happiness.

The Touch of Gold ketubah design is a true artistic representative of the minimalist philosophy. This minimalist ketubah piece creates an ethereal, dreamy, calming ambiance, blurring the line between reality and dreams. Any couple who appreciates minimalist views, either in art or life in general, will love the simplicity, yet impactful aesthetics of this ketubah design. The color scheme, softness, and subtleness of this minimalist design will stand as a reminder of the love you share, as well as peace and serenity you’re aiming for in your unity.

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