Vibrant City of Art: Berlin Ketubah

Vibrant City of Art: Berlin Ketubah

How is it even possible to put Berlin into words? Berlin is more than a city; it is a multilayered world carrying so much symbolism it would possibly require a lifetime to interpret it. Many would agree that Berlin cannot be visited, it has to be felt, and lucky are those who get the opportunity to truly experience everything it has to offer, from tradition and history to modern culture, music, film, and art in general. Berlin is electrified, vibrant, and incomparable to say the least. Today, we will touch upon some of its most significant symbols and layers.

Berlin is the capital of Germany, as well as the most populated and largest German city, located in northeastern Germany. Its architecture is living proof of the turbulent past of Berlin, and it is quite possibly one of the main reasons why Berlin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Something that we’d definitely advise when visiting Berlin is to check out the famous Bradenburg Gate, which was rebuilt 250 years ago and is of great significance for Berlin’s tradition.

Furthermore, the Reichstag should also make it high on your list, as it has one of the most beautiful glass domes you could ever find. Needless to say, Berlin Cathedral is one of the landmarks of this town and a true architectural jewel.

And how could we forget art at the East Side Gallery of Berlin, where you can enjoy over 100 paintings, one of them being the world-famous Some heads by Thierry Noir? Art lovers will truly be in awe at the sight of this artistic, colorful wall which is 1.3km long!

Did you know that Berlin’s Museum Island is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list – and rightfully so? No trip to Berlin would be complete without a visit to this River Spree island, the home of many breathtaking museums, including Atles and Bode.

One of the most emotional, touching visits you can make in Berlin is the one to the Holocaust Memorial. This monumental living memory of the horrors of the Holocaust stands as a reminder for the entire human race.

Berlin U-Bahn is a perfect ketubah choice for couples who have special memories tying them to this wonderful city, and for those who are planning on creating new ones. Although it looks like nothing but an U-Bahn plan, this ketubah design carries great symbolism, combining the historical turbulence and architecture that have marked Berlin forever.

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