Butterflies Are Perfect for Your Ketubah, Not Your Stomach

Butterflies Are Perfect for Your Ketubah, Not Your Stomach

Getting a ketubah with butterfly motives may not be traditional, but here at This is not a Ketubah we like couples who step out of their comfort zone. Nature motives, especially butterfly ones, are quite symbolic. Butterfly can signify a new beginning, which is exactly what marriage is all about. Also, a butterfly could be a transformation which metaphorically represents two people transforming their lives into a union.

Butterfly design is filled with a rich spectrum of colors and patterns, which makes butterfly design a perfect representative of the modern art. Gracing your ketubah with butterfly art could really take it to the next level. In fact, modern art such as butterfly pieces makes your ketubah even more special.

Why stick with monochromatic, dull ketubah, when you can have a breathtaking butterfly design? Your ketubah is something you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives, so you might as well make it stand out with vivid butterfly detailing. Of course, it is up to you to choose the butterfly details, such as the colors, the size, the pattern, and all the other characteristics.

Butterfly ketubot may appeal not only to couples who love the natural elegance of the butterfly, but to linguistic and travel nerds, too. Butterfly, as a unique word that’s deeply different between most languages of the world, is a symbol in the word itself for the mixture of different cultures and languages together. And a beautiful mixture it is!

The etymological aspect of the word butterfly is as unique as your ketubah can be. Just like the word butterfly differs in all the languages, the ketubah design should, too. After all, it marks an individual connection which is just as peculiar as a butterfly.

I bet you’ve seen numerous ketubah designs which look alike and show no diversity, but with a butterfly ketubah you’ll be able to break out of that pattern. As beautiful as tradition already is, you shouldn’t be afraid to add your own signature to it, and butterfly design is a marvelous way to do so. We’re all about preserving customs while enriching them with superb modern art like the butterfly models we offer.

Caterpillar turning into a butterfly signifies one of the most breathtaking conversions the nature directed. Just the way something as monotonous as a caterpillar becomes something as wonderful as a butterfly, your ketubah will get an entirely new look with modern art. They say that a butterfly lives only a day, but your butterfly ketubah will be there for the next generations to admire!

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