Ketubah as Magical as a Unicorn

Ketubah as Magical as a Unicorn

Unicorn is a mythical creature that belongs in no specific culture. However, unicorn’s magical aura is present in various artistic areas. We always see a unicorn presented as a creature full of glory, beauty, and tranquility. We could almost say that a unicorn is a perfect representative of magic, pure and blissful – just the way we remember it from our childhood days.

The history of unicorn is covered in a veil of mystery, but one thing is certain: it has never been portrayed as a fearful being. As a matter of fact, tales of unicorn several centuries old speak only of its dignity and magnificent appearance.

There were also stories of the powerful effect of the unicorn thorn. The legend says that the potion from the inside of the unicorn thorn could heal diseases and save lives of those lucky enough to find one.

Different cultures may have different representations of a unicorn, but all these variations have one thing in common: presenting it as a creature of beaming, unmatched beauty.

Countless myths surrounding the notion of a unicorn speak of its rareness and uniqueness. Everything a unicorn symbolizes could be found in a special bond between two people united by love. Therefore, a unicorn ketubah couldn’t be more appropriate to showcase how exceptional your love is.

Here at This Is Not a Ketubah, we advocate uniqueness and individuality, which makes the unicorn detail a perfect choice for our modern art ketubah. For instance, our Moonlit Fantasy Ketubah exemplifies the lavish touch a unicorn can add to your modern, meaningful ketubah. Since I know you want your ketubah to stand out and emerge as one-of-a-kind (otherwise you wouldn’t be scrolling through This Is Not a Ketubah), the unicorn theme could be just the option you’re looking for.

The history denies its actual existence, but it can’t stop us from believing in the magic of a unicorn. Embrace your childish ways and let the illusion of a unicorn flying over the rainbow take you in. Perhaps a unicorn can only exist in our imagination, but your unicorn ketubah can be a real part of your life that you’ll happily keep in a box full of memories closest to your heart.

As a matter of fact, you could disregard all the existing unicorn tales and create your own, the way you want it to be. Your imagination comes to life through your own unicorn ketubah!


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