Catch The Most Beautiful Dream There Is: Dreamcatcher Ketubah

Catch The Most Beautiful Dream There Is: Dreamcatcher Ketubah

In the Native American culture, a dreamcatcher carried a symbolism similar to the one we are familiar with today. A dreamcatcher was supposed to absorb the negative energy, free the space from the evil spirits, and above everything else – protect the believers from nightmares. The legend has it that a dreamcatcher has the power to attract the negativity as if it were a magnet, and therefore cleanse our dreams.

In many cultures, bad dreams bring bad luck, and nightmares aren’t welcome, which is why many people still rely on a dreamcatcher to bring them relief. You may find a dreamcatcher in various shapes and forms, containing different sacred elements, such as feathers. When it comes to feathers in a dreamcatcher, many people believe they represent the peace, ease, and natural flow in dreams – as well as in life.

The circle of the dreamcatcher represents the circle of life, consisting of the dream-catching web and the feathers which, aside from representing the simplicity and peacefulness of life, also could be perceived as the symbol of the gentle manner in which a dreamcatcher captures these dreams without alarming their “recipient”.

The dreamcatcher acts as a web which captures both kinds of energies – the good and the bad. All the good dreams the day brings, as well as the nightmares, are caught in the web of a dreamcatcher. Those dreams that inspire you and uplift you the next morning; those that you would gladly continue and not get out the bed – those are the dreams “allowed” by the dreamcatcher, which do not end up stuck in its web for too long. However, the web of a dreamcatcher is too thick for nightmares to pass through, guaranteeing a restful sleep, and the occurrence of positive dreams.

The love between two people could be described as a dream realized – the one the dreamcatcher didn’t have to protect you from. The fear of our greatest dream being interrupted by a nightmare is constant and hair-raising, but a dreamcatcher is there to provide comfort. The vault of good vibes, the keeper of the most beautiful plans for the future, and the protector from any harm and distraction – a dreamcatcher stands as a symbol of prosperity, faith, and aspiration.

The Hamsa Dream ketubah combines a beautiful gradient color scheme and a dreamcatcher portraying the hamsa, as well as unique charms which chase the bad dreams away. This dreamcatcher embodies your commitment to protect and value each other in all circumstances.

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