Soaring Love: Bird Ketubah

Soaring Love: Bird Ketubah

Birds have always fascinated humans in many ways. It isn’t only their mesmerizing beauty, but also the ability of the birds to go higher than any living being that has triggered many emotions in people, including envy. While the humans have discovered many ways to conquer the sky, they could never reach the level of freedom reserved only for the birds. We may have the technology, but the birds have their innate right to call the sky their home.

Throughout the history, a bird has always been a symbol of liberty, the effortless way of embracing life and sailing through it as smoothly as a bird high up in the clouds. Besides the general symbolism surrounding birds, each of the species has its own unique meaning, and many of them are even believed to have specific energies which affect the humans.

Peace, new beginnings, and forgiveness have been linked to a dove, a bird which has marked many significant historical, as well as personal events in the lives of many people. Dove is believed to eliminate the negative vibes and bring the much-needed clarity to each start, which is why its symbolic presence often graces weddings, making it the bird mostly associated with love. The majority of white bird species share the positive connotation, considering the fact that the white color stands for happiness, prosperity, and positivity.

Since the dawn of time, owls have been the birds constantly provoking curiosity in people. The veil of mystery surrounding these birds has remained present to this day, crowning the owl as the symbol of the night, as well as magic. What is also related to this bird is wisdom, adding a positive meaning to the symbolism of owls. In some cultures, roosters are the birds standing for persistence and endurance in life. Although ravens are perceived as the bearers of bad news by some, others see beauty in these birds, believing them to bring the power of transformation.

Regardless of the culture, tradition, and history, birds incorporated into the design of something of value to us can have any symbolism we decide to embrace. Bird ketubahs in our collection emphasize the beauty of different species of birds, mostly in their natural habitat. The Evening Doves ketubah portrays the birds breaking through the darkness of the night sky, almost blending in with the moonlight. The birds in this ketubah design represent a romantic, hopeful note that dominates the darkness, allowing the light to shine through. If you’re looking for a design which highlights the beauty of a bird’s flight, The Flying into the Dusk ketubah might be the best choice for you. The two birds joined in their flight symbolize the union of a married couple and their mutual efforts to build a life together.

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