Where Dreams Come True: Disney Inspired Ketubah

Where Dreams Come True: Disney Inspired Ketubah

Fairy tales, mystical creatures, a place where love truly does conquer all and a happy ending is guaranteed: Disney. These wonderful tales of love, friendship, chivalry, and bravery aren’t reserved for children only; Disney is still present in the lives of those refusing to give up on its magic. They say that the key to utter happiness is nurturing the child in you, and never allowing the world to take that away, and it is exactly what Disney does – keeps our spirit youthful.

Whenever you feel like escaping the reality even for a couple of hours and diving into a world where the villains always get what deserve, and the heroes come out on top, Disney has got your back. What makes Disney so unique is the fact that stories take place all over the globe, where different cultures and traditions are depicted, and a whole new, different, magical universe full of sceneries and characters never seen before is a frequent destination.

And, of course, the Disney music. We already know that music can intensify every moment and emotion, but Disney goes above and beyond when it comes to the tunes which accompany the movies. It is no wonder that Disney music is often chosen for weddings and other major occasions in the life of a couple.

A prevalent theme which creates an unbreakable bond between all the wonderful movies from the Disney family is love. The Disney characters often come across various setbacks and barriers which may slow them down on their way to a happy ending. It is their perseverance and determination that ultimately leads to the reward, and in Disney world, it never fails to be love, happiness, and peace.

Our Disney inspired ketubah collection is inspired not only by some of the popular Disney stories but also by the common colorful imagery which symbolizes the happy ending. The Magical View ketubah is a vivid, playful representation of a celebration finalizing a Disney movie, with a castle in the background, and a sky full of fireworks. This Disney inspired ketubah design could represent the happy ending you got to experience with your loved one and the life you get to enjoy together, full of joy.

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