Cliff Ketubot- An awesome collection of Artistic Ketubahs Beautifully Fantasizing your Dreamy Romance

“Love is always a leap into the unknown. You can try to control as many variables, and understand a situation as you can, but you’re still jumping off a cliff and hoping that someone catches you.”

Lisa Kleypas

We adore the craziness of a couple for being truly, madly and deeply in love, and having a passionate heart for going over the edge and crossing all the hurdles for that one person; thus to be together and to celebrate the love for the rest of the life. Our dreamy collection of Cliff ketubt masterfully illustrate the frenzy of deep romance and wild love. All the artistic pieces superbly amalgamate fantasy with real life, adorned with the affection and care.

Fantasizing your life with the person your adore and love in the whole world the most, with whom you cherish each and every moment, and who shares your dreams and secrets, is the true love of your life with whom you enjoy the dreamy romance and promise to relish real life. The Stay in a Dream Ketubah is a sure pick for such couple who always remembers the dreamy passionate love and enjoys the togetherness all day, every day.

The Moonlit Fantasy Ketubah splendidly depicts the blend of the beautiful Jewish tradition of ketubah with the endless fantasies of dramatic imaginary world;s in a perfect portrayal of a dragon, and our all time favorite unicorn. A couple who enjoys their pleasure of togetherness beyond the boundaries of this universe and who is a true fan of literature and fiction will definitely find this ketubah a personal favorite. Amalgamating the fantasy of fictional unicorn and dragon, with the sacred Jewish traditions, we cherish this ketubah the most.

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