Elegant Black Ketubot- A Definite Choice for a Passionate Couple

Black is the color of mystery, power, strength and elegance. A color that holds and absorbs every color. The dazzling intensity and easily noticeable features of this color have the power of creating any artistic piece more deep, full of meaning and stunning, all at the same time.

So does our dramatic collection of Black Ketubot, where each and every ketubah illustrates a different layer of passionate love with a promise of miraculous journey of life ahead, in a remarkably artistic style.

For the wanderers of a strikingly beautiful piece of art that is magnificently adorned with black color, The Light Strings Ketubah is an absolutely perfect choice. The Light Strings Ketubah is inspired by the vibrant art of Yayoi Kusama.The amazingly talented Yayoi Kusama has splendidly amalgamated the deep intense vibes of black color with a radiating pattern of repetitive electrifying rays.

For a couple who warmly enjoys the harmony and passionate love, and who shines bright like the gleaming moonlight when together, the under the full moon ketubah is the one to go for. This ketubah beautifully reflects the magical feelings of intense romance and serenity of togetherness. In this lustrous piece of art, a breathtaking view of dusk is portrayed where beaming rays of the moon are layering over the dark sky showcasing the harmony and balance of all the astounding elements of night.

Excitingly, our amazing collection of Black Ketubot is jam-packed with fun-filled surprises and joyous pieces for everyone. The Love Race Ketubah is one such exemplary piece and my personal favorite, which definitely is an electrifying combination of unique modern art and everlasting beauty of traditional ketubah.

Like a starting screen of some old video game, on this ketubah, there is a button at the bottom saying “2 players press start”, “New Stage” at the top right corner and in big fonts “Get Ready”; Simply WOW!! What is not to love about this ketubah. This exceptional design makes this ketubah so much fun and irresistible. Well, this ketubah fantastically showcases the fun filled excitement of some brand new and never experienced levels of forthcoming life, that definitely holds some thrilling new challenges. A perfect pick for video game lovers!!!

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