Have a Little Fun with Your Special One with Our Playful Ketubot

“When my hands can no longer make these hammers and strings play for you, my heart will always sing to you.”

Karen Quan, Write like no one is reading 2

Each piece of Playful Ketubot is adorned with the crispy feelings of blooming romance. Keeping the playful and fun side of your romance alive and rejoicing every moment of your life with your childhood romance while growing old hand in hand is definitely a success story of one’s life. And our playful ketubot wonderfully depict this innocence of romance with a promise of togetherness.

With a splendid depiction of raw romance in a hazy summer noon, The Lovely Swing Ketubah stands out in the lot and is a sure choice of a couple who celebrates the purity and strength of its love in a purely stylish way. A young couple swaying hands in hands on a swing, hanging on a beautiful oak tree that is home to a cheerful pair of chickadees, above lush green grass and below the dazzling blue sky; the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of this ketubah is a perfect reminder for a couple to cherish the raw feelings of love and adoring romance.

The Love View Ketubah is another gem in our lusciously decorated gallery of Playful Ketubot. This ketubah is an outstanding blend of elegance and style. Beautifully amalgamating a mix of brightly colored balloons with a black and white sketch of a couple sitting on a bench, this ketubah superbly illustrates the beauty of this everlasting relationship.

With a couple holding all the differently colored balloons together elevate their passion of togetherness and strengthening of their love for the rest of their life, through thick and thin. Here is a catch, this is not a typical ketubah, as these balloons are actually fingerprints of your dear ones. So make it a fun activity by inviting all your special friends to be a part of this memorable part of your life.

Cheers to Your Happy Life!!


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