Colorful Awakening: Spring Ketubah

Colorful Awakening: Spring Ketubah

As we’re approaching the end of winter, leaving the cold, eventful holiday season behind, we’re welcoming spring – the time when everything seems to come alive, shaking off the snow and frost, and embracing the very first sun rays. Days are longer, nights are shorter, and spring seems to be just the perfect opening for what’s next – summer, quite possibly the most anticipated season of them all. Now, let’s not allow summer to take the spotlight just yet when spring has so much to offer. Let’s enjoy spring, as brief as it may be, and take in every single blossoming flower and the magic of nature’s awakening.

Spring truly does bring a breath of fresh air along with it. After long, cold, grueling winter months when everything seems to cease and disappear, spring announces the return of the sun, which triggers an awakening in nature. The skies are blue, the days are warmer, the air is no longer crisp, and the leaves turn green, just as everything else around us. A dreamy, passive, dull winter atmosphere all of a sudden gets reversed, and spring introduces brand new energy, which does not only symbolize renewal in nature but in human lives, as well.

Spring cleaning¬†isn’t just a phrase, and there is a reason why people find spring to be the best time for new beginnings. Yes, we all start our resolutions list at the very beginning of the year, but during winter we’re usually still unmotivated for changes. With new spring energy, we are inspired to revamp our closets – and our lives! Spring cleaning is so much more than rearranging your living space and throwing away those jeans you’re never going to wear – it represents a process of clearing our minds and souls, as well. Spring is a symbol of renewal, rebirth, and starting anew, which makes it a perfect time for new projects, adventures, loves, friendships, and everything else that truly makes us happy.

Did you have a spring wedding, or was it spring when you first kissed? Regardless of what spring represents in your relationship, you’ll love our spring ketubah collection.¬†In Love With Spring¬†is a perfect representative of this colorful collection, which portrays nature coming to life through a blossomed tree. The combination of pastel colors and bold pinks and blues brings together the two main aspects of our ketubah designs: the romantic and sensual side on one hand, and modern art on the other.

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