Pearl of the Sunshine State: Miami Ketubah

Pearl of the Sunshine State: Miami Ketubah

When the topic of Miami comes up, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some, Miami is the epitome of nightlife, world-famous night clubs and beach bars where the party never stops. For others, Miami represents a perfect holiday destination with mesmerizing beaches and beautiful sights. Another reason behind Miami’s growing popularity around the globe is its cultural and historical heritage, as well as the artistic aspect. What is it that draws you back to Miami? Is it the fact that Miami is always the life of the party or its romantic, gentle side that may often be overshadowed by its urbanity? Whatever it is about Miami that has your heart captured, you’ll absolutely love our Miami inspired ketubah collection.

Miami is so popular that you may think there’s nothing about it that could surprise you. In fact, there are some intriguing facts about this glorious city that even the locals may not know about their hometown of Miami. First and foremost, have you ever wondered how Miami got its name? A native tribe, known as the Mayaimi, are the ancestors of Miami, hence its name. Speaking of Miami’s history, women will be thrilled to learn that a woman called Julia Tuttle is responsible for Miami officially becoming a city back in 1896, when she negotiated with a railroad mogul to come to Miami.

When it comes to Miami as a famous tourist destination, it has been an oasis for many people, including many famous names. Besides actors, TV stars, and athletes, there have been visitors the presence of whom did not make the locals too happy, one of them being the infamous Al Capone. No wonder many wished to call Miami their home, considering the fact that it offers pretty much everything you could wish for, from the unmatched club scene of the South Beach and inspiring Art Deco district, to white-sand beaches, mesmerizing underwater wreck sites for divers, and warm winters.

The Miami Skyline ketubah design captures and vividly portrays every single aspect of Miami and marries it into one work of modern art. As complex and diverse as Miami is, this ketubah design represents its multilayered nature, including both its urban and romantic side. The Miami Skyline ketubah incorporates the city skyline symbolizing its busyness, palm trees and the ocean standing for its natural beauty, as well as a gorgeous sunset, emphasizing the romance this city has to offer.

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