The Perfect Click: Connection Ketubah

The Perfect Click: Connection Ketubah

No matter what you do in life, it is always about that special connection: the way you connect with your emotions, your work, your environment, and especially people. The connection we build or fail to achieve with certain people seems to be one of the most complex matters in life – and the most important. Not everyone can click, and you won’t be able to feel that unique connection with every person you meet. And while that may sound scary, it is also kind of relieving – knowing that we aren’t meant for everyone and that the right kind of connection will happen only with the people who are truly meant to be in our lives.

One of the most special connections we can establish in our lives is with our friends. They say that friends are the family we choose, and it takes a very strong connection for someone to be considered family when they’re not indeed related. The foundation of a friendly connection incorporates unlimited trust, loyalty, love, and above everything else – respect. One can have many acquaintances and meet many people, but only a few can be considered true friends and acquired family, which is a connection that never fades.

A connection that is often considered the strongest is love between two people who have both felt that spark. They say that we’re all bound to find our soulmate, and when we do, it is an instant, undeniable connection that everyone will notice. This strong, beautiful connection is the essence of life and the true meaning of happiness. Our connection inspired ketubah collection portrays the connection between two people which escalates into a loving union, symbolized by a ketubah. One of our connection ketubah designs could be the testimony of the connection you and your loved one feel and celebrate.

The Love¬†Entwined¬†ketubah design represents unity and connection by portraying two trees intertwining. This connection inspired ketubah represents merging of two lives, which have forever been joined in marriage. It also emphasizes and celebrates the fact that the two trees, representing each of the union members, are still individuals, as their branches are meeting and combining – symbolizing their connection. What’s special about this particular connection ketubah design is that it also combines your Ketubah and the Signing Board. Your guests will get to leave their own mark on your custom ketubah by imprinting their fingerprints! This way your ketubah will not only symbolize the connection you have with your spouse, but it will also eternalize the friendships and family relations.

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