Colorful Ketubahs: What Colors Are Best For A Ketubah?

Here at Ketubah HQ, we have a few biases — especially a bias for colors.

Who wants a dull, faded Ketubah? Who wants a Ketubah with colors that match my Grandma’s Wallpaper — which, I must add, was the hippest and awesomest wallpaper anywhere, circa 1963.

One of our mottos here is: The Colorless Ketubah is dead; Long Live the Colorful Ketubah! — Okay, that might not be our motto, but it is something that I personally often think to myself.

There was once a time when it was expected that Ketubah would be traditional — no one thought of doing modern or contemporary or hip or groovy Ketubot (yes, groovy!). They were beautiful and very pretty, however.

But then, we remembered Hiddur Mitzvah — the commandment to beautify all commemorative Jewish objects. What is “beautifying”? Perhaps it is taking the most beautiful and awesome modern design and turning it into museum-quality art.

The result is a Ketubah that is not just amazing and that stands out with unique qualities, but one that you are proud to hang on your wall!

So, this implies the question of: what colors go well onto a Ketubah?

The answer is that, so long as they are well done, and so long as they magnify the beauty of the Ketubah, then it is really just up to your personal taste and preference.

The one other factor to keep in mind is that, for a Ketubah to satisfy Halacha, the text itself must be clearly legible – so the colors can’t interfere with the legibility.

What color do you want on your Ketubah?

Team Ketubah

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