Destination Weddings, Destination Ketubahs!

If you’re from New York City or Los Angeles, you’ve definitely heard of the “Destination Wedding.” Couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city pack up their family and friends and head for the sun south of the border, or a beautiful European countryside.

While destinations weddings might be quiet in comparison to the city, they can be full of colorful countrysides and awesome backdrops.  Here at This Is Not A Ketubah we are all in favor of beautiful getaways and the pursuit of the unusual, unconventional, and stunningly creative.  Whenever possible, we vote for the most modern possible!

Of course, getting all of your family, loved ones, and friends out to your tropical island isn’t exactly cheap.  Even so, fans of destination weddings can’t stop talking about how awesome their experience was or how beautiful their wedding on the beach was.

At a Team Ketubah meeting yesterday we asked ourselves—If couples are going to go to incredible places to celebrate their weddings, why not commemorate the trip with a beautifully designed, custom Ketubot?  Could we make a series of Ketubot dedicated to the exotic travels of our clients?

Of course! But why stop there?  Many couples begin planning their honeymoon months in advance.  Why not capture the beautiful European cityscapes or rich mountains of their travels in beautiful art, and proudly display it in their homes?

Here at This Is Not A Ketubah we as a collective pride ourselves on the creativity and excitement we have for working with each couple to design modern art Ketubot inspired by the colorful imaginations of the fiancés we work with.

So why not commemorate your dream honeymoon into your Ketubah, and keep it in your living room forever? We say, do it–no sunscreen needed!


Team Ketubah

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