Return to Our Roots: Nature!

The This Is Not a Ketubah team is always thinking about the next great colorful work of art we’ll create.  This week we sat down to think about how we could design some new Ketubot to give couples even more awesome options.

One of our team members, Brad, had a great idea: We love the Jewish tradition of the Ketubah and the way it ties us to our parents and our grandparents.  We love modern art and the way it speaks to constant innovation, new use of colorful ideas, and the cutting edge of culture.

Then, we thought about the Ketubot our parents have hanging on their walls—as a Jewish artistic collective, we had a lot of material to work with! The themes that came to mind were beautiful examples depicting nature.  From trees to oceans, birds to flowers, mountains to designs of fields, the simple marvels of the world were prominently designed.

Of course we saw these themes as perfect for a modern spin.  How would Klimt or Picasso or Gaudí draw nature?  Luckily, we don’t have to guess! Every important artist of the last century has called on the countryside or examples of animals and plants in their work.

In the process of thinking of new Ketubot, we discovered what most high-art aficionados have known forever—nature makes great art, and therefore great Ketubot!

To this end, we dedicated our energies to creating depictions of nature in the style of one of our favorite modern artists, rich with color, creativity, and joy.  Our newest Kilmt-ish Ketubah captures these feelings with a stunningly bright tone and rich emotion.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be exploring the themes of nature in This Is Not a Ketubah’s designs, crafting Ketubot that continue to speak to tradition and progress: age-old practice with modern sensibility. Keep and eye out, and be sure to send us any idea you think would make a gorgeous Ketubah—we want to make your dream Ketubah real!



Team Ketubah

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