Ketubah Texts: More to Come!

One of the great things about sharing our site with friends, family, and the Jewish professionals is that we constantly get new ideas and information on how we can make the site better.

This week we spoke to several people active in Union for Reform Judaism who reported that is wasn’t clear why weren’t offering more progressive Ketubot, beyond the standard “Orthodox Ashkenazi” text.  The answer is that of course we are!

From the start This is Not a Ketubah has been about modernizing ancient traditions—artistically and religiously. We’re about more than just fun, awesome, colorful Ketubot. A Ketubah collective in today’s world should mean providing couples in love with a document that affirms their spirituality and signifies their commitment to one another.  We are proud to offer any couple seeking to sign this ancient idea of companionship and union to any who seek it.

Even though we’ve always held on to this idea in our hearts, it somehow didn’t make its way into text onto our webpage.  To hear that This Is Not a Ketubah didn’t look appealing to “non-traditional” Jewish couples gave us a real call to action. Over the coming weeks we’ll be working to make sure couples of all types — Egalitarian, Feminist, Interfaith & Gay — find our site as beautiful and welcoming as ever.

We value the deeply personal religious perspectives of all couples seeking to be married—for some, that means signing the same Ketubah text their parents did.  For others, we empower them to continue living the Jewish life they wish to.

We’re excited to embark on this project so the words on the site match the ruach in our hearts! Keep an eye on changes throughout the site as well as thoughts and discussions on this blog.

Shabbat has always been a time for reflection—a time for rest after a hectic week of running around in the daily grind to think quietly in peace.  We’ll be keeping this in mind as sundown approaches, and we look forward to resuming our work after Havdalah.

Shabbat Shalom,



Team Ketubah

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