What Artistic Styles Are Good for a Ketubah?

Couples often ask us for recommendations of what artistic style works well for a Ketubah. When you choose your Ketubah artist, or just the art in general if you don’t think much about the artist, then what style to go for?

The answer, in short, is: Any you like! The Ketubah should not only reflect our ancient traditions, but also it should also reflect the personalities of the couple themselves! It is the artist’s job to bring out the couple’s personality in the Ketubah.

Some people prefer expensive, luxury Ketubot — one potential client even wanted a “Cartier Ketubah”! We usually think about these as “elegant” Ketubot, and classiness is fun: we love dressing up in suits!

Some prefer the hip-hipster (what is the difference anyway?) groovy Ketubah style. Although my parents would say “groovy”; I’m more likely to say “cool” and my little cousins, “awesome.”

Some prefer artistic styles based on their favorite artists or styles — Andy Warhol’s Pop Art to Monet’s Impressionism to Modrian’s cubes.

Some prefer retro styles going back to different decades in American history: the 1950s rock-n-roll Grease style or the 1970s disco style.

Some couples just want a colorful, bright, beautiful and bold Ketubah! For young, fun couples — they often want to reflect the spirit of fun in their Ketubot, too.

A few people call us up wanting a Ketubah based on an ethnic style, like a Japanese or Chinese style Ketubah.

A couple of people want to include photos in their Ketubah — but not too many.

A few want one that is very romantic — and those are very sweet, but less common. After all, it is usually the girl who buys it!

Above all, a common theme we see are for modern and contemporary Ketubot — as well as ones that are unique, different, and personalized. What both of these have in common is just sheer, creativity.

What more could you ask from a Ketubah? Have any ideas? Let us know!

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