Displaying Your Ketubah

Your ketubah is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of paper in your life. It’s more than just an official document to store along with your birth certificate and passports, but a document of choice, commitment and love. Ketubahs not only hold a special place in your marriage and life, but they also hold a lot of meaning in its details and artwork.

Because of their significance and aesthetic appeal, many couples choose to display their ketubahs at their wedding ceremonies and homes. And why shouldn’t they! Our ketubahs are works of art made with a lot of consideration, and a dedication to delivering only the best.

During the wedding ceremony

The first time your guests get a glimpse of your ketubah is at the ketubah signing ceremony. Signing your exquisite ketubah makes for a great photo opportunity, and will be a key photo in your wedding album for ages to come.

In traditional Jewish weddings, the rabbi reads the ketubah out loud to the couple and their wedding guests under the Chuppah. The groom then hands the ketubah to the bride, who by accepting signifies the acceptance of the union.

Afterwards, some couples display their ketubahs on an easal or a frame at the wedding and/or reception. Wedding guests get an opportunity to see the ketubah and appreciate the details in its design and text.

At home

Framing your ketubah and hanging it on the wall is a much better option than storing it in a safety deposit box. They not only make a great addition to the wall and room by adding colour and depth, but they serve as a reminder of your commitment to one another and your vows.

You can display it in the living room to share with your friends and family. But if you feel that your ketubah is a personal possession, then your bedroom is a great place to make it home.

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