Eternal Love and Happiness: Ketubah with Cranes

Eternal Love and Happiness: Ketubah with Cranes

When it comes to symbolism, cranes seem to be largely present in various cultures and traditions, especially in Asia, having a predominantly positive connotation. The Korean, Japanese, and Chinese traditions, in particular, include cranes on many levels, especially when it comes to prosperity, happiness, and inner strength – which seem to be the main associations. Cranes sure do stand out from other bird species in many ways, especially when it comes to height, as they’re the tallest flying bird species in the world and they can be up to 5.9 feet tall! Cranes are also easily recognized due to their grace, elegance, and uniqueness.

In Japanese tradition, cranes belong to the group of holy creatures, which says a lot about their cultural significance in this country. A specific species of cranes known as the Japanese crane, or the Red-crowned crane, is a prominent symbol of longevity, fidelity, as well as good fortune. Furthermore, cranes are largely present in Japanese traditional paper-folding art commonly known as origami, which also stands as a symbol of longevity and prosperity, especially when gifted to the newlyweds. As a matter of fact, cranes are very much a part of the traditional wedding decoration, as they’re monogamous, thus symbolizing eternal love and loyalty.

In Chinese history, cranes were common symbols of important officials, and only chosen individuals could wear them. Cranes are also very much incorporated in Chinese art, which can be seen in many paintings portraying cranes in their gracious flight. Furthermore, cranes are often portrayed with pine trees, which is a symbolic combination which stands for prolonged life.

Even though cranes dominate the Japanese and Chinese cultures, their symbolism can also be recognized in other traditions all around the world, as well. For instance, Romans and Greeks thought cranes to be symbols of light and spring. On the other hand, the Native Americans felt strongly about the cranes representing leadership, good fortune, and good luck. Some records of the crane symbolism in the Native American folklore even associate it with peacemaking, while in Africa some believed cranes to symbolize wisdom.

The Paper Cranes ketubah is also a part of our paper ketubah category, honoring the Japanese art of origami. This particular cranes ketubah is inspired by the Japanese wedding tradition, which often incorporates cranes as symbols of longevity, good fortune, and as we’ve mentioned previously – monogamous love. Make sure to check out our online gallery of ketubah with cranes.

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