Crystallized Energy: Ketubah with Crystals

Crystallized Energy: Ketubah with Crystals

When crystals are mentioned, there are usually two groups of people: the first one which associates them strictly with beauty and elegance, and the other group which thinks of them as strong symbols with healing properties. Nevertheless, crystals are always admired and desired, regardless of the connotations attributed to them. Nowadays, the knowledge and information about many kinds of crystals are widely accessible, which allows for the overall expansion of their popularity. Today, we will touch upon some of the most intriguing types of crystals and their potential beneficial properties.

Before we dive into the actual types, it is important to say that crystals have been around for thousands of years, and they have been worshiped by ancient civilizations including the Egyptians and Aztecs. Throughout the history of these civilizations, crystals have been used in different aspects, including cosmetics, jewelry, amulets, as well as statues.

So, why is it that people purchase crystals and enjoy surrounding themselves with different kinds, except for the obvious aesthetic factor? Well, it is believed that crystals have specific energetic vibrations, similar to our bodies, where they can modulate our own energies and help us in transforming the negative into positive. Apparently, crystals are meant to release tension, allow for a continuous flow of energy, and remove spiritual blockages.

One of the most popular crystals is Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and enhanced intuition, believed to provide soothing energy and restful sleep. Also, due to its mesmerizing purple color, it is one of the most common choices when it comes to purchasing crystals. Blue Quartz is also one of the commonly chosen crystals, due to its calming and harmonious properties. While Celestite is believed to promote uplifting and inspiring energy, Citrine is associated with courage, hope, and self-esteem. Clear Quartz is also one of the most beautiful pieces, believed to support a clear thought process, and is often used in meditation.

The Crystal Dance ketubah is a beautiful piece representing the enchanting, magical beauty of crystals, and it also belongs to the category of our abstract ketubah designs. If you’re a fan of crystals, and you enjoy modern abstract art, this is without a doubt a ketubah design that will take your breath away. Also, keep in mind that all our ketubah designs blend the modern into the traditional, as we’re never disregarding the original ketubah symbolism. For more ketubah designs, make sure to visit our online gallery.

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