Finding Your Safe Haven: Peace Ketubah

Finding Your Safe Haven: Peace Ketubah

Is there a more powerful word, or a more important one, than peace? All the treasures, accomplishments and victories can’t make up for peace, which is an inner state, more so than a visible, tangible appearance. Nevertheless, when there is peace, it can be seen, felt, and truly experienced. A person at peace with themselves shines with confidence, love, and enriches other people’s lives along the way.

People tend to wish for many things in life, but those who have truly experienced the good and the bad side can only hope for peace. When there is peace, there is also love, serenity, clarity, and understanding. Peace connects people no matter how different they are, it brings them closer together and stands as the most important triumph. Peace is something everyone can prosper in, and discover utmost happiness.

Perhaps those who haven’t truly understood life yet would choose materialistic goods over those that can only be felt, such as peace. However, sooner than later it becomes clear what true priorities in life are, and peace is definitely one of them. Just like love, understanding, loyalty, and respect, peace can be perceived in many different ways, depending on the person trying to define it. Also, many would agree that, when it comes to peace, it is hard to pinpoint the real cause. On the other hand, for some people, peace can be truly defined, and it even has a name.

Peace can be found in a single person that is your safe haven. Peace can also be embodied by a place dear to your heart, a routine you cannot imagine your life without, your favorite song, or a movie. Regardless of its shape, form, and definition, it is the presence of peace in your life that counts. And if your love story has brought peace and joy into your life, why not grace its covers with a love inspired ketubah design?

The Flying into the Dusk ketubah portrays birds which have been known as the bearers and symbols of peace for centuries. It is also the flight of the birds that stands for the transition of newlyweds into this next stage of life they’ll share, full of peace, hope, and love. Besides the motives of peace in this design, the color scheme also contributes to the overall sense of serenity and blissfulness it brings.

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