On the Set of Your Own Love Saga: Hollywood Ketubah

On the Set of Your Own Love Saga: Hollywood Ketubah

They say that the lights of Hollywood are simply addictive. They also say that once you step foot into the magic land of stars that Hollywood is, you’ll never be the same. If there was a dime for every single time someone closed their eyes and wished upon a star to make it in Hollywood, L.A. would be the richest city in the world! Hollywood is what many people consider a dreamland, holding the key to so many wonderful opportunities and outstanding careers. We could say that Hollywood is an embodiment of big dreams and high aspirations in life.

But Hollywood doesn’t always enjoy a good reputation. There are also people who couldn’t handle the brightness of its lights and left Hollywood bitter and angry. However, no one could ever take away Hollywood’s grand scene which draws hungry, talented, driven people as a magnet.

There’s a certain inexplicable power behind that Hollywood sign. For some people, it is just a recognizable Hollywood site. For others, it is the symbol of glory, glamour and glitz, flashes, sparkles, and history – everything that Hollywood has to offer for those lucky enough to realize their dreams.

And how could we forget the glorious, one-of-a-kind Hollywood Walk of Fame, that remembers all the great names which paved the way for the up and coming stars? Once they make a name for themselves and start building a career in Hollywood, it is every celebrity’s biggest dream to see their name on the Hollywood Boulevard. A star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame represents a guarantee that one’s accomplishments and name will live forever.

Hollywood, big lights, and glamorous, eventful lifestyle aren’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, you can have a piece of Hollywood in your home, with your loved one, whenever you want. You can enjoy movie classics, relax with famous soundtracks, and dress up as your favorite Hollywood star when no one’s watching. At the end of the day, the dreams and aspirations that Hollywood has embraced and became popular for don’t necessarily have to be career-related. Hollywood can symbolize you being the director and the star of your own romantic movie that you don’t ever have to share with the world.

The Hollywood Lights ketubah incorporates everything that Hollywood is: palm trees, a city that is both busy and calming at the same time, as well as the ever-inspiring Hollywood sign in the background.

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