Unconditional Love – Pet Love Ketubah

Unconditional Love – Pet Love Ketubah

It is safe to say that a pet can enrich our lives in so many ways. Pets simply have the ability to lift our spirits, cleanse the space from any negative energy, and take us back to those carefree days of our childhood. When there’s no one else around, your pet will stay by your side, listening to every word you say, and taking your mind off of anything bad just by being their silly selves. They say that animals can’t understand what we’re saying, but pet love can surely be felt. You can feel the comforting energy and positivity of your pet spreading through the room as soon as they walk in.

Many people will agree that many times they prefer the presence of their pets over the company of people. No wonder pets have a such an important role in the lives of their owners. You’ll often see pets, such as dogs, genuinely concerned about the well-being of their owner. We’ve seen pets sob and mourn, wait for years, as well as feel extreme joy when their favorite human is back with them. There is nothing superficial or malicious about pets, which is why we often refer to them as best friends.

For ages, people have confided in their pets and considered them their closest allies. The love of an animal is truly unconditional, and it is true that pets find their entire world in their owners. We grow up with them, laugh, cry, share our most precious moments, and often our pets also witness the birth of a love between two people. Pets are also members of many newly formed families, being with them every step of the way. Animal lovers will agree that no family portrait is complete without pets in the picture.

Onto Noah’s Ark ketubah carries such an important, valuable meaning that many pet owners will cherish. Besides portraying the magnitude of the Noah Ark story, this ketubah design also could symbolize one’s love for pets. The story is a testimony to a man’s love and need for animals that haven’t changed to this day when pet owners simply can’t imagine their lives without their loyal friends.


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