Food Ketubot — Putting Your Love of The Culinary Onto Your Ketubah

The best ketubot are unique ones that bring out the individual passions of the couple and represent them on the ketubah. So what does a foodie do? Create a ketubah representing their favorite shared foods, of course!

You don’t even have to pick one or two. We know how hard it is to narrow it down to a number when it comes to food (especially when there’s so many great things out there which makes our mouth water)! The more food you have on your ketubah, the more interesting and meaningful it gets.

Did you know that you could even use certain kinds of foods to describe your relationship? Illustrating the food of our ancestors shows your combined commitment to tradition. Spices are great if you’re the couple which is never boring! Or what about olives? Their trees can grow for more than 2000 years and still regenerate after a fire. Talk about eternal love!

Ethnic food is great for couples who want to stamp a token of their culture onto their ketubah. If you don’t think a plate of Indian curry will look appealing on your ketubah, then forego the dishes and take a snapshot of your local market. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. The colors and texture of the food from the market will speak those 1000 words about your culture, and still manage to look fascinating and unique as a backdrop to your ketubah at the same time.

Anybody who’s seen an episode of Masterchef knows how a good meal is all about presentation. So don’t just order donuts and popsicles on your ketubah without consulting an artist. Together you’ll be able to figure out a way to best portray your love for food without your ketubah looking like a spread from a food magazine.

For inspiration, click here to browse through a gallery of some of our popular foodie ketubot. The way food is a basic necessity, so is a ketubah. What better way to depict your marriage, than comparing it to life’s basic need for survival? Food, of course!

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