Matching Your Ketubah With Your Wall

One problem we sometimes hear is, a couple gets a green ketubah but then the wall where they want it is red — so their house ends up looking too much like Christmas. One recommendation we would make is: before you buy your ketubah, think about where in your home you will place it — and what color the wall is.

If your wall is lacking color in hues of white or cream, then you have the luxury of going ahead with pretty much any shade you want. Actually the bolder it is, the better! It’ll be that splash of color your room desperately needs to brighten it up. Plus, it’ll instantly stand out when you enter the room.

The colors to avoid are tones which blend into the wall, or those which make for some contrasting yet tacky combinations. If the orange and black is reminding you of Halloween, then it has to go.

But what if you don’t know anything about the room’s layout, let alone the color of the walls, because you’ve never seen it before? Don’t worry. Couples who plan on moving into a new (unforeseen) place together after the wedding should choose neutral colors to stay safe. But if you strongly feel the vibes of that neon pink and yellow ketubah, then go ahead. You can always repaint the wall later.

Ideally the ketubah should be placed away from other wall decorations and stand out. It needs to be the centerpiece to your arrangement and not be dwarfed by other artwork and pictures. You can however place smaller complementary pieces around or with it, like photos from your wedding, to radiate the aura from your special day.

Make the ketubah ‘pop’ by balancing the lighting, position and colors. Be prepared for that gasp of surprise when visitors to your house realize that that interesting piece of art on the wall is actually you and your spouse’s ketubah!  And don’t forget to mention where you got it from ;)

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