For the Fairytale Wedding: Unicorns & Books Ketubah!

Did you grow up dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little kid? Did castles, unicorns, and rainbows take a prominent part of your childhood imagination (and later chapter books filled with Princes & Princesses)? Books were an important part of growing up for a lot of Team Ketubah, from the Fairytales our Bubbes and Zeidis used to tell us before bedtime to the hours (and hours and hours) spent in the Library as we got a bit older.

David Stark Sketchbook always has some great photos with beautiful design ideas, form simple to extremely complex (and expensive) for all types of events, including ones that can be the inspiration for your wedding!

When a member of Team Ketubah saw these unusually simple but beautiful captivating paper-cuts from old books, we thought two things. First: what a great use for an old Yard Sale treasure trove of old books! Second, so many things about these unicorn-inspired designs speak directly to what This is Not a Ketubah is all about. Mixing beautiful modern designs with traditional literature and family favorites is the core of our Ketubah commitment to the couples we proudly serve.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming books-inspired Ketubah, and don’t forget that the wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to be about how much you spend, but how incredible it makes you feel– and your Ketubah should be the same! Whether a same-sex, interfaith, or traditional Ketubah is what you’re looking for, Team Ketubah wants to make sure you’re in love with your spouse, and the text you’ll be signing with him or her!

Enjoy these designs and don’t forget that with colorful designs and big imagination, the sky is the limit for a gorgeous Ketubah!

Team Ketubah

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