Yarmulke + Ketubah, Perfect Together!

If you happen to be from the New Jersey or New York Area, you might remember a series of particularly cheesy NJ Toursim ads with the slogan “New Jersey and You, Perfect together.” Well, it just may be time for the Team Ketubah Version:

Yarmulkes + Ketubot, Perfect Together

Many couples like to get creative, inspired, and downright funky when it comes to planning their wedding– including brightly colored and exciting Yarmulkes, or Kipahs, for their guests! From simple solid-color designs to complex woven Sephardic or Yemenite traditional patterns, the Kipah has always been a staple of Jewish party favors, from Bar Mitzvahs, Bris & Baby Naming ceremonies to Weddings themselves!

Beautifully planned weddings are all about the small touches that count. It’s the subtlety that guests on your big day notice as not just a sign of love, but that endures long after the party ends. A Ketubah which matches your Yarmulke choices? Of course! After proudly displaying your custom Chagall-inspired Ketubah at your wedding reception, the colored themes will truly be memorable as your family and friends bring their Kipot back to their homes. Will they remember your Ketubah forever? We think so!

Some wedding favors have gotten increasingly complex and technological as the years have gone by (whatever happened to the simple bags of candy? Will I ever use this engraved picture frame?) but the mainstays of Jewish tradition don’t seem to be going anywhere fast.

A Ketubah you will hang on your wall forever? Check. Kipot your guests will cherish as a memory of when they danced their socks off at your wedding? Incredible!

So, as your hunting around for the perfect wedding favor, you just might want to think about Kipot that match your Ketubah. They’re perfect together!

Team Ketubah

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