Green Ketubot- A Perfect Reflection of Romantic Feelings

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”

Oscar Wilde

Green is the prime color of nature, that is gloriously rich with the endless possibilities of all kinds of soft and healthy emotions; which are of utmost importance to lead a happy life with loads of love, peace, and tranquility. This lusciously attractive color comprises of a beautiful palette of shades with sparkling emerald to subtle olive, or rustic moss to cool lime. Our Green ketubot collection is adorned with same diversity of exclusive themes and unique styles fulfilling the desires of any lovely couple.

Here, beautifully diversified shades of green are splendidly portrayed in two totally different themed ketubot, one the Dreamy sunrise ketubah, and other the Evening Star Ketubah. Both ketubot paint a soft romantic magical moment in two contrasting times of the day. One displays the rising image of the sun on the beautiful site of the lake with a view of beautiful shrubs, flowers and long grass that is floating with the cool breeze. A perfect imagery of blooming romance, that has the warmth of true love and passion for long lasting happiness. While the evening star ketubah depicts the romantic moonlight of the evening that pours on the madly on love couple. This natural scene, using all the different shades of greens with respect to the effect of moonlight on each area, marvelously reflects the authenticity of the moment.

Being intensely in love with reading, my personal favorite is the Book Lovers Ketubah, that beautifully pictures a scattered pile of various books, with a few unopened books and some opened while one showcasing the most important Ketubah text, symbolizing the authenticity of this beautiful relationship till the time ends. With the use of a luscious collection of warm colors for the book covers and the faded appearance of rustic pages, this ketubah creates a vintage classic aura and you can almost smell the mystic and rusty scent of an old classic book. Surely, this ketubah is surely a perfect pick for bookworms, who nurture and celebrate each day of their love life like a romantic classic novel or a fairytale. Such a beautiful theme particularly looks mesmerizing on wood, so to feel the rusty scent of an old classic read, wood ketubah is highly recommended.

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