Hop on with Your Partner for a never Ending Ride with our Subway Ketubot

We strive to portray one’s passions and interests in a single picture, and for that, we don’t want to leave any stone un-turned. This beautiful series of Subway ketubot is an example of our enthusiasm and zeal to let you enjoy your interests with the person you love the most in the world.

With the subtle amalgamation of the blue color palette in an undefined yet gorgeous looking manner, The Tube Ketubah is an exemplary depiction of the most historic and utterly artistic metro system of the world, the London metro, which is an obvious symbol of British culture and it’s rich history. Underground or Tube is the heart of London, which displays the extensively variant architectural history, where Charles Holden and Harry Ford own the most renowned place in shaping up this subway. This ketubah captures this complex subway in an extremely splendid manner and is surely a definite choice for a couple who is in love with the architectural beauty of London Tube.

Depicting the compelling history, breathtaking architecture, social shifts and captivating beauty of artistic design, Berlin U-Bahn Ketubah is another charismatic piece of this magnificent series of subway ketubot. First and foremost, the use of fresh colors makes this ketubah looks really attractive and serene.  Well, for historians, Berlin is a gold mine as it has seen 2 world wars, construction and then the demolition of Berlin wall, and tons social and economic reforms throughout the history. Riding from one line to another on Berlin U-Bahn is said to feel like traveling from one era to another. If you are a great lover of trains, have intense interests in maps, or is a big history geek, then this ketubah is for you.

Well, in the long list of delicately colored and subtly designed subway ketubot, the Subway Print No.1 Ketubah is my personal favorite. Influenced by the cool artistry of Keith Harring, this ketubah masterfully exhibits the chic modern New York life along with classic cartoon tradition of this city in such a cool and eye-catchy style that appeals every eye. This ketubah is perfect for a fun New Yorker couple who adores their New York state of mind all the time.

Well, it surely a difficult task to pick one from such an extraordinary collection, and I happily leave it to you :). Enjoy!!

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