Dive into the Sea of Colorful Pleasure with our Pop Art Ketubot

Looking for something chic and modish, yet traditional and simple, or something immersed with the stunningly vibrant colors loaded in the strikingly alluring masterpieces of modern art and design; then our Pop Art ketubot collection is here to fulfill all your desires with an absolute perfection and style. Dunk in the mind wobbling, brightly colored, beautiful pieces of art, and you’ll actually find yourself in a sea of beauty.

The Love ketubah incredibly depict the amalgamation of classic art with the exciting elements of modern minimalism and pop art. Inspired by the outstandingly attractive artwork of Robert Indiana, the Love Sculpture in New York City, this vibrantly appealing ketubah is all set to light up your room, and will surely brighten up your love life for all the beautiful years to come ahead. Use of alluring color palette of aqua, dark green, and blue with an emphasis on bold red color to create an element of excitement and attraction in the word “Love”, so to beautifully signify this feeling of sheer passion, pure pleasure, crazy romance, and delightful content, this ketubah simply rocks. Surely, a perfect choice for the couple who loves a mix of retro art with the chic elements of pop art and minimalism.

Making our cheerful collection of pop art ketubahs more electrifying and exciting, the Circles and Squares Ketubah stands out in the lot. The delightful arrangement of colorful circles and squares showcases a prominently attractive and eye-popping piece of art, that beautifully illustrates the simple yet entangled moods of a relationship. This ketubah is inspired by the remarkable works of Victor Vasarely, the leader or widely known as “grandfather ” of the optical art movement. He explored texture, light, colors and shades in a different dimension, and produced a wide range of exceptionally unique and incredibly appealing art pieces. For a couple, who adores an exclusive representation of design, this ketubah is surely a must have. Marvelously combining the traditional spirit of ketubah with the colorful depiction of modern art, this art pleasingly represents the chic style and a strong bond of commitment of the couple.

Well, with the addition of Matzo Matzo ketubah, the Ahava ketubah, the Pop Spheres ketubah, and many more Technicolor ketubot, we’ve made sure that you’ll get what you’re actually looking for, and what fulfills your desires the most.

So Enjoy!!

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