Elegance Like No Other- An Impressive Collection of Turquoise Ketubot

“Love was a feeling completely bound up with color, like thousands of rainbows superimposed one on top of the other.”

Paulo Coelho

Cool, refreshing, calming, joyful and appealing are some of the feelings associated with the royal turquoise color, well so is our turquoise ketubot collection. Displaying the charmingly attractive and elegantly creative vibes of turquoise, all ketubahs of this collection are overflowing  with the joyous representation of love and blossoming romance, while superbly anchoring the traditional spirit of ketubah.

Including, powerfully stating the conventional herbew style with a modern take in The Crystal Dance Ketubah, Colorful depiction of artistic love in The Origami Ketubah, and For Miami football fans, a pleasant apparel turquoise and orange color in The Dolphins Ketubah, all in all turquoise collection has a tinge of all flavors placed in a single show.

In Love with Spring Ketubah is inspired by the brimming artwork of the arts and philosophy intellect Mark Rothko, whose work eloquently expresses a wide range emotional content beautifully illustrated in his signature style, depicting an array of figurative emotions on the shimmering color palette.

“Pictures must be miraculous” Mark Rothko,

and surely all his masterpieces are miraculous and worth inspired by. This ketubah splendidly depicts the modern take of Mark Rothko’s signature style, beautifully showcasing an amalgamation of two different soft tones of color into one. For the proper representation your budding romance, nurturing love and promise of forthcoming fragrant blooming days, this ketubah is a must have.

If you are looking for the perfect portrayal of true essence of ketubah tradition with an elegant depiction of your pure love and lifelong mutual harmony, in an intricately designed, thoughtfully crafted and efficiently created, eye-capturing masterpiece, then  The Papercut Lovers Ketubah is absolutely everything that you wish for in a ketubah. This ketubah showcases the most beautiful day of a couples’ life, the wedding day. Crafting the most adorable moment, where groom is looking his beautiful wife, this ketubah flawlessly showcases the joyous love and endless love of a couple. Elaborative detailing to the gorgeous gown of the bride adds in more artistic flavor to the picture. This truly is a gem in our awesome turquoise ketubot collection.

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