High Heels & Ketubahs. Cue the Streisand.

For our team, Shabbat means a slice of the ridiculous—a light note to end the week. This week, we couldn’t help but use our blog to share the most ridiculous fashion item we’ve found to date.

We applaud their--err--creativity, at least.

Sure, we’ve all been to a wedding where the Bride has gone a little over the top with the latest, most fashionable shoes. As people who design bold, colorful Ketubot as a hobby, we never really let it get to us. We said “Eh, its her day, let her do whatever she wants with her feet—more power to her!” Besides, it is well-known Jewish party etiquette: remove fancy shoes before dancing… you could kill somebody with those heels!

Let it be known that crazy shoes aren’t limited to strictly Jewish weddings. From interfaith celebrations of the big day to much-delayed legalizations of gay and lesbian weddings in NY, we are equal-opportunity shoe criticizers.

Yet outside the range of ‘moderately unattractive,’ there is a streak of “Wow. That is museum quality!” When we saw these styles, we couldn’t stop laughing, and it wasn’t exactly because they provided us the un-ending joy of blissful marriage. Some of us were laughing at this grand experiment called capitalism… how could the market ever support something so absurd, modern, and dare we say beautiful?

Yep, we did. Because even though none of us would be caught dead in these bad boys (well, maybe Roxie… as the shortest one of the bunch, she does love a nice pair of spike heels), there is something about the unabashed creativity and subtle beauty of haughty, gaudy shoes. To each his own—we’re big fans of variety.

Sure, the designers of these killer shoes might have had modern design for the distinguished buyer in mind, but we like the idea more than the final product. Breaking convention, demanding high-art aesthetic over all else, and blending of traditional function (everyone needs shoes, right?) and a keen eye for style give us something to cheer about.

So as you power down the computer tonight, start the engine inside your head on the most creative Ketubot you could possible want. We’ll be waiting (even if it is inspired by ridiculous shoes). Shabbat Shalom!

Team Ketubah

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