The Eddie-Murphy-Head-Truck-ish Ketubah!

This Is Not a Ketubah is proud to present our latest Ketubah endeavor: our tribute to the man, the myth, the legend: EDDIE MURPHY. Like all our Ketubot, the Eddie Murphy’s Head on a Truck-ish Ketubah is available with Orthodox, Conservative, Progressive, Humanist or Same-Sex Ketubah text in both English and Hebrew.

The Eddie Murphy Ketubah Could Be Yours!

Just kidding! But it does look like we’re about three years late on the uptake of the most hilarious thing we’ve seen in a long, long time. I think I speak for all of us when I say: The Eddy Murphie Truck Head is downright inspiring.

Let me set the scene: imagine you are cruising down 287 (actually lets be real: when was the last time anyone ‘cruised’ on the Tappan-Zee? Never.), painfully dreading the moment when you will transfer onto the Beast that is the Jersey Turnpike. You casually look in your rear-view mirror only to see it taken up by AN ENORMOUS REPLICA OF EDDIE MURPHY’S HEAD.

You don’t know what to do—laugh? Cry? Choke in disbelief? Call your Dad in Ft. Lauderdale to remince about your favorite movie, Trading Spaces? Snap a picture with your iPhone? You can’t decide. You are an emotional wreck of joy, excitement, and the awesome-ness that is, behold, the Eddie Murphy Head Truck.

What does This Is Not A Ketubah have to do with this picture besides a slight obsession with the head-truck (but not actually Eddie Murphy himself)? The truth is, more than meets the eye. For some couples, movies are the core of their relationship. Some member of our collective have watched another Harry Potter with their girlfriend every Thursday for the last three months. Others have had Hebrew Hammer marathons for days on end.

Ok, so movies are important. But what speaks to us most was the thrilling emotion, creativity, and bold moves of whatever PR firm decided to commission the idea of the Edde-Murphy-Head-Truck. We commend their funky, dare we say artsy?—clever marketing, brightening the day of the thousands, perhaps millions of lives they touched. One day, This Is Not A Ketubah aspires to be as great as the Eddie Murphy Head Truck.

Hey, a guy can dream, right?

Team Ketubah

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