Hindu – Jewish Ketubahs!

Sanskrit, Sanskrit — how beautiful you are!

Jews and Indians have a long history — and one very personal for our founder, a Jew who used to live in Maharashtra.

The Bene Israel have been in Bombay since long before our memory begins, when the Jewish Persian traders settled around the world, and used Maharashtra as their center for the subcontinent, long before it had that name. Dozens of centuries before the Jewish hippies of the ’60s adopted the superficial symbols of India as their own symbols!

Inspired by our ancient connections, we’ve created some Ketubahs inspired by the Ketubot of the ancient Jews in India, such as the Konkan Indian Ketubah.

Any Hindu-Jewish couple that is interested in exploring the connections between the religions and regions in the form of a Ketubah or otherwise — give us a call! We’d love to talk to you :)

Team Ketubah

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