How Is ThisIsNotAKetubah Different From All Other Ketubah Artists?

This Is Not a Ketubah prides ourselves on being unique in the Ketubah world. Here’s how–no other Ketubah team that we know of does the following:

  1. Unique Modern Ketubah Art: If you want a Ketubah that looks like the traditional, papercut, grandmother-style… we’re not for you. We are the first to bring the Modern Masters of art to the Ketubah universe. You won’t find Ketubah art like ours anywhere else.
  2. Museum-Quality Material Options: Instead of using just one type of printing process and paper, we can use five different ones–on any of our ketubot! Depending on what your tastes are, we can do it. Read all about our various material options, from heavyweight paper to fine-art giclĂ©e paper to various canvas options… and more!
  3. Obsessive, Personal Customer Service: Here at This Is Not a Ketubah, we are obsessed with customer service. We are fanatical about attention to the client. Every client gets personal attention; we work non-stop (I am writing this on a weekend afternoon!); we answer our phones (347-627-0022) — and, for our clients, we’ll go all out to do whatever you want, to ensure you have the ketubah of your dreams. Any request you want, we’ll do it, so long as we reasonably can. You want the text in Polish? We’ll do it! We need you to bubble with joy! We will hold your hand, guide you through the process — and do it with a smile and a laugh and good energy!
  4. We’ll Change the Colors To Make Your Ketubah Art Unique: Ketubahs not unique — dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people have bought this same ketubah before you. We love working with couples to change the colors of their ketubah, as an easy — and affordable — way to make your ketubah personal, just for you.
  5. We’ll Make Any Design Tweaks Or Changes You Want: We can also change any designs you want, too–such as, making the romantic couple look more like you two! Many couples love this, as a way to make the art very personal.
  6. Every Ketubah Has Affordably-Priced To Luxurious Price-Points: We began with the belief that everyone should be able to get a ketubah of the highest quality, at any price point, no matter how little money you have. This is why, for each of our ketubot, we offer them from the most affordable price ranges (our starting price point of $215 is around the lowest on the market!). How much money you have in your bank account should not stop you from getting the ketubah of your dreams!
  7. All Ketubot Are The Same Price–Simple Structure, Simple Prices and Simple Process: Often, ketubah artists and ketubah stores price their ketubot in confusing and weird ways, with every price being completely different or using complex structures to calculate it. We value both simplicity–and have one, consistent and unchanging price, no matter how popular any ketubah is!
  8. Our Profits Go To Ieladeinu, Argentina’s Jewish Orphange: This Is Not a Ketubah was founded with the mission of supporting Ieladeinu, Argentina’s Jewish orphanage. Our team is composed of amazing artists that have been volunteering at Ieladeinu for years, and This Is Not a Ketubah began as an effort to raise money for them.
  9. Secret Surprise Gift: When your Ketubah arrives, make sure you check our box for every little detail–because, with all ketubot, we send a special unique gift for you. You will be filled with so much surprise and excitement. You will love it!
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