Impressionist Ketubah: A Glimpse of Beauty

Impressionist Ketubah: A Glimpse of Beauty

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if that is true, the eye of an impressionist artist is impatient, wandering, and eager to discover the world. When you take a close look at the work of impressionists, you will notice that the colors are smudged, objects are hardly recognizable, and the entire scenery seems blurred, faded, and almost foggy. Many would agree that the opus of impressionists resembles a daydream, an unfinished fantasy, and that single split second between being awake and asleep. While some may not understand the beauty of impressionism, others deeply connect with this artistic wave, understanding that we do not need to see something clearly to perceive and cherish its magnitude.

Impressionism was born in France, in the 19th century, and its birth was truly monumental since it broke many European artistic conventions and paved the way for many different views in art. What Impressionists decided to do was incorporate scientific research into their work, discovering a whole new dimension that wasn’t touched upon before. The technique of Impressionists was what set impressionism aside from all the other artistic movements, since they focused on small touches as opposed to bold strokes in their painting.

The sole purpose of Impressionists’ work is capturing and portraying a scenery or an object as seen through someone’s eyes if they were to only catch a glimpse of it. Therefore, impressionism lacks focus, explicit detailing, and sharpness, which was one of the main reasons for traditional and conventional painters to critique Impressionists. However, color, vibrancy, and vividness certainly do not lack in the work of Impressionists, as the inspiration for these pictures were mostly the outdoor imagery, animals, people, and nature in general. Later on, another unique movement developed from impressionism – pointillism, which utilized small dots to illustrate the perspective of a picture seen from afar.

The Evening Doves ketubah is one of the designs inspired by impressionism, namely the work of a famous artist, Marc Chagall, known for incorporating various Jewish motifs. This Impressionist inspired ketubah design portrays two doves in love, emphasizing the magic and uniqueness of their relationship. In addition, this particular Impressionist ketubah design celebrates the unity of two people in love, capturing the romance, closeness, and devotedness. Needless to say, the Impressionist characteristics and details aren’t lacking, as bold, smudged colors and a foggy night scenery represent the essence of this piece. Make sure to check out our Impressionist ketubah collection for more enchanting ketubah pieces!

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