A Symbol of Forever: Ketubah with Rings

A Symbol of Forever: Ketubah with Rings

Since love is considered to be a mutual feeling, the energy between two people, and a vibration that cannot be seen, tasted, or physically felt, it is hard to find its tactile manifestation. Many would disagree, naming various instances, such as butterflies in the stomach or other abstract notions as physical manifestations of love, but we could all agree that the rings newlyweds exchange at the wedding ceremony would be the best answer. Each of the rings represents their commitment towards one another, their sacred vows and promises that have now gained a physical form.

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you may be familiar with a rather unique, special symbolism around rings. In the movies, that special, One Ring stood for unshakeable commitment to a longsome journey on which people connect and create unbreakable bonds. In case you’re passionate about Lord of the Rings, a ketubah with rings could be the best choice for you, given that it could symbolize togetherness, connectedness, and unity against all odds – just like in the movies.

Diving into the historical background of the meaning of rings, we can find many different representations and perceptions. For instance, in Egypt, rings were symbols of eternity, as men gave their women a ring as a symbol of immortal love. In Roman culture, rings were created from more durable, strong materials such as leather and bone, and later iron, which were also used by men to “claim” their chosen woman.

When it comes to Irish culture, there is a traditional ring known as the Claddagh, decorated with a representation of two hands holding a heart with a crown. This specific ring is not only a wedding ring in Ireland; it can also be given as a symbol of friendship. As far as its specific design is concerned, the two hands in the texture of the ring represent unity, the heart symbolizes love, while the crown is perceived as a strong symbol of loyalty.

Go Pop ketubah with rings is an extremely unorthodox, eye-catching design that represents modern art at its best. Influenced by a popular pop art artist Brian Donnelly, this ketubah with rings truly represents one of our boldest designs, only daring, unique couples will set their eyes on. Some view marriage, commitment, and rings as symbols of love through more conventional, traditional eyes, but for this ketubah, we wanted to go overboard and create something spectacular! Make sure to check out our special ketubah with rings collection.

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