Wear Your True Colors with Pride: Peacock Ketubah

Wear Your True Colors with Pride: Peacock Ketubah

Just like many other animals, a peacock stands for different concepts in different cultures, and its symbolism is very rich and diverse all over the world. Even without knowing anything about the meaning of peacock in cultures of different countries, just by looking at this glorious animal, we could conclude that it could stand for beauty, confidence, pride, and dominance. It is safe to say that peacocks belong to the group of some of the most fascinating animals that could wow just about anyone without necessarily trying to be impressive. That eye-catching, breath-taking aura comes naturally to peacocks, who can make everyone stop and stare by revealing a gorgeous array of their colorful feathers.

Throughout history, people have viewed the symbolism and meaning of peacocks differently. Starting with Hinduism, a peacock has often been portrayed with Lakshmi – their goddess of compassion, gratitude, and good fortune, which resulted in peacock having the same attributes. In addition, mythology has also associated a peacock with a god of rain, who was thought to bring new life to the Earth and cleanse it through rain and thunder. What’s more, a peacock’s “dance” is believed to “summon” the rain.

The mythology of ancient Greece, on the other hand, views the meaning of a peacock in a rather unique way. Fascinated by the magnificent range of colors in a peacock’s tail, they found it to represent the eyes of the stars. In fact, the ancient Greek goddess Hera would punish anyone who would kill a peacock in the cruelest way. Furthermore, the philosophy of the alchemists finds that a peacock is an earthly form of a Phoenix rising from the ashes, symbolizing rebirth and power. Also, given the fact that peacocks kill snakes, often associated with malice, death, and sickness, many cultures and philosophies celebrate them as protectors, and bearers of positive, healing energy.

Once broken or damaged, a peacock’s beautiful feathers grow back, without any traces of harm. Therefore, a peacock represents new beginnings, the strength to rise from bad circumstances and continue fighting through life proudly.

The Regal Peacocks ketubah portrays these beautiful animals in all their colorful, mesmerizing glory. In this design, we have a pair of gorgeous peacocks which represent the romantic element each and every of our ketubah designs incorporate. This particular peacock ketubah design combines both the artistic value of modern art which is an integral part of all of our designs, and the symbolism of peacocks. Make sure to visit our gallery for more peacock ketubah designs!

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