Gentle Giant’s Grace – Giraffe Ketubah

Gentle Giant’s Grace – Giraffe Ketubah

Giraffe – Africa’s “gentle giant” is literally what the nickname describes: a gigantic animal that may seem terrifying, but only for a couple of seconds. Giraffes are known for their gentleness, tenderness, and grace. Even though they truly are giants, the behavior of a giraffe does not reflect its strength and dominance over other animals. While some would expect them to showcase brutality and viciousness due to their size, there isn’t a single trace of malice in the character of a giraffe, which makes them absolutely loveable and adorable. Whether a giraffe is your favorite animal, or you’re interested in their symbolism, we will not neglect either aspect.

Many associate giraffes with magnificent beauty, as they are truly breathtaking. Their large eyes and long eyelashes have become a symbol of beauty, inspiring many artists and works of art. Aside from the obvious beauty they possess, giraffes are also seen as majestic creatures which possess incredible soothing energy.

Once again, we have to mention the eyes of a giraffe, which signify purity and hope. Due to the calm, nowhere near aggressive nature of the giraffe, they have been associated with peace, and given that they’re particularly silent animals, they also represent shyness and reservedness. On the other hand, the 20-inch-long tongue of the giraffe has been described as a symbol of eloquence in some cases. The first association to a giraffe must be elegance, its incredible poise, and almost intoxicating aura.

In certain cultures, a giraffe stands for limitless knowledge. Some people believe that a giraffe can see into heavens since its neck stretches through the clouds, so they can take a peek at hidden cosmic plans. The long neck also allows the giraffe to spot the danger and change the location once they’ve been threatened, which makes a giraffe the symbol of awareness. Finally, giraffe’s ability to see higher than the majority of creatures may signify one’s determination to see past the hardships and negativity towards a brighter future.

Onto Noah’s Ark ketubah design is a perfect representative of our unique style and determination to blend the modern and the traditional together. Here we have a beautiful representation of the animals entering the Noah’s Ark – the most prominent being giraffes, in all their glory and grace. What makes this giraffe ketubah piece stand out is a bold mix of vibrant colors and prominent patterns which give it a whole new dimension.

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