Leave Your Mark On The World: Fingerprint Ketubah

Leave Your Mark On The World: Fingerprint Ketubah

Leaving your fingerprint on a document may seem like a mere technicality – something to be recognized by other than your name; something to facilitate your identity in the world. How could something so technical and official as a fingerprint hide a strong symbolism? If you’re a fan of our ketubah designs for quite a while you’re already familiar with our philosophy, but if you’re just getting to know our vision, it is important to state that we’re far from traditional, and nowhere near conventional. We let our imagination run wild with ketubah designs and inspiration we pick for each of them – one category being the fingerprint ketubah collection. If you’re interested to discover more about our take on the symbolism of fingerprints, then keep on reading.

There aren’t two people in the world, not even identical twins, that are sharing the very same fingerprint. Can you imagine that? Over 7 billion people in the world, and not two identical fingerprints – that is a notion hard to process. Unique fingerprints may be one of the strongest proofs of our originality and uniqueness. Even if some people resemble each other, have similar interests or fears, they’re still individuals, separate souls who should celebrate their uniqueness and individuality – symbolized by a one-of-a-kind fingerprint. And no, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel connected to each other – it’s just that each of us has something new and different to bring to the table, which is represented by a fingerprint. We could imagine that each of our traits, both qualities and flaws, is represented by the tiny lines in our fingerprint.

So, if a fingerprint stands for individuality, why incorporate it into ketubah designs, which should stand for unity, togetherness, and sharing? Well, the truth is that we should not lose that special spark, that unreplicable uniqueness that exists in each and every one of us, even when deciding to spend our lives together. Only by accepting each other the way we are and letting each grow while being together can we know the true meaning of love – and that’s what fingerprint ketubah is all about.

The Oak ketubah design takes the symbolism of a fingerprint to a whole new level, by incorporating the significance of your wedding guests. Firstly, the oak design includes two birds – symbolizing love and marriage, while the oak stands for their shelter and support in life – their loved ones. This particular ketubah design is part of our special fingerprint collection, allowing your loved ones to imprint their own fingerprints – becoming an eternal part of this monumental event in your lives.

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