Your Own Piece of Paradise: Garden Ketubah

Your Own Piece of Paradise: Garden Ketubah

Since the beginning of time, people have had an inexplicable, strong, what many would consider innate urge to be one with nature –  whether it be seaside, woods, mountain, or a garden. Being in nature, especially in solitude, triggers an entire eruption of emotion in us, as being in a garden or any other natural sight allows us to look deep down inside ourselves and truly reflect on our lives. Back in the day, people used to live in harmony with nature, and it seemed as if they were one. Nowadays, it is our primary concern to cherish and nourish the nature we’ve so carelessly neglected, and celebrate it through our gardens, rivers, and fields.

The garden inspired ketubah collection will be a perfect choice for passionate gardeners. Through history, we can distinguish different phases of the development of gardening, according to its primary purpose. First and foremost, gardens were made for people to cultivate plants they would later use in their nutrition, or to feed their animals (although we do believe they still managed to find some joy in this delicate, complex activity). Later on, gardening evolved into a business, and people were no longer planting their garden only for themselves, but to sell their goods, as well. Somewhere along the way, cultivating and maintaining a garden has become a passion and a hobby. Even though having a garden can still feed families and bring profit, there are more and more people who do this out of pure love and admiration for nature. Today, gardens are also extremely popular since people have recognized how mass production and the heavy involvement of chemistry have jeopardized the purity and quality of the soil and its products.

On the other hand, there are also botanical gardens, which can often seem unrealistic and fairytale-like. Many botanical gardens have been chosen as wedding sights, and have hosted numerous wedding ceremonies, due to their magical atmosphere and paradise-like scenery.

The Deco Flowers ketubah design is a perfect representation of the garden inspired collection and the celebration of nature. In this mesmerizing modern ketubah design, we have a portrayal of a garden of thornless roses, symbolizing a life of happiness, joy, and prosperity for the newlyweds. The absence of thorns on the red roses in this garden stands for all the hardships and challenges the love birds have overcome, reaching their own happy place, and deciding to share those blessings forever.

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