Joining Your Lights Into One: Ketubah with Candles

Joining Your Lights Into One: Ketubah with Candles

Candles have an extremely deeply rooted position in many aspects of life, from religion and spirituality to personal events of great importance. Not only do candles largely contribute to the overall atmosphere, but they do also have a very important, precious role history, tradition, and many other spheres – hence their strong, undeniable symbolism. Besides the strong symbolism in history and tradition, candles can signify different things for different people, as they’re implemented in many great events, whether it be welcomes or goodbyes. Nevertheless, candles and their powerful symbolism mark significant, emotional, remarkable moments, some of which have been creatively represented in our Ketubah with Candles collection.

In different traditions and cultures, candles have unique representations and meanings behind them, as their symbolism is perceived differently. One of the views on the symbolism of candles is that its light represents a person’s inner light – their power, will, and motivation. Candle lights are also often used in ceremonies, as they can signify people coming together and joining their lights to burn even brighter. In some cultures, the light of a candle represents one’s soul and the light it represented in the world. Candles are also often associated with romance and relaxation, due to their subtleness and sensuality.

When it comes to art, some of the biggest masterpieces in the world have been created in the candlelight. We can rest assured that candles have witnessed many first chapters, sketches, and plans before seeing the birth of great works of art. Throughout history, candles have guided great artists of the world through the creative process once the sun would go down, but the inspiration would start running wild. If it weren’t for candles, perhaps that incredible inspiration and drive artists get in the night time would have to be slept on, and mornings just wouldn’t feel the same. Candles have preserved artistic freedom and guided creativity for as long as there was no electricity. We bet some modern artists feel envious of these times, as candles bring about a mystical, unreplicable atmosphere.

Speaking of art, we’ve found a way to bring modern art and the great symbolism of candles together, and create beautiful ketubah designs portraying different interpretations. The Shabbat Candle ketubah design presents one of the longest traditions in the Jewish culture – lighting a Shabbat candle. What makes this candles inspired ketubah design unique is the way it seamlessly blends the traditional with the new and modern, while emphasizing the beauty of both worlds.

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