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Lately we’ve been surprised by the number of requests and searches for a Celtic Ketubah-—and super excited about putting our creativity together to channel this new type of art!  As a bunch of Jews growing up Celtic art was something beautiful and intriguing, but not quite the meat-and-potatoes of our culture (pun intended!)

Sure, our team strives to work in the great modern masters like Chagall, Klimt, Mondrian, and Lichtenstein.  But to us, creating colorful Ketubot doesn’t mean just European masters – it means listening to what our friends and clients tell us they are looking for.  We’re so glad we asked!

We’re lucky to work with couples who share their own exciting recent inspiration: Book of Kells.  An interfaith couple of Jewish and Irish/Scottish decent, they idea of a Celtic Ketubah made perfect sense.  With our egalitarian interfaith text option, they’ll have a Ketubah that is 100% a union of their values, backgrounds, and affection. Imagine a custom Ketubah just as awesome as the couple who requested it!

Of course that is the This Is Not a Ketubah: to create the best, most beautiful, colorful Ketubah designs that couples can deeply connect with.  The blending of tradition with today.

In fact, a little bit of research shows that this modern idea isn’t so far removed from the past.  Check out the two pics below—one a sample from the Book of Kells, another from among the oldest intact Ketubot ever discovered.  Maybe ancient Jews and ancient Irish weren’t too different after all.  Or maybe its just me?


In any case, our art team is hard at work (and a fair amount of heated conversation deep) in creating a Celtic Ketubah to post to the This Is Not a Ketubah Gallery!  Our hope is that Irish-American-Jewish couples will find the Celtic Ketubah as an affirmation of their identity.

As with all of our Ketubot, we look forward to seeing the Ketubah hung on the happy couple’s wall as a testament to their union, and maybe even one day for their children to marvel at!

Team Ketubah

Photo credits to the Jewish Resource Library/Library of Congress and Matt Stone Blog!

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