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Last week, we talked about making some changes to www.ThisIsNotaKetubah.com site to make sure that every visitor could tell what This Is Not a Ketubah is about.  From explaining more about our range of Ketubah texts to how we can work with couples to include their own original vows, we want to make sure your Ketubah is 100% about the couples we serve.

You might notice that we don’t have any text examples post on the ‘Our Text’ page.  Why is this?  First, we thought it would be information overload to see mountains of text, and a lot of clicking, which we generally don’t like—who likes endless clicks?

Second, we rather speak with couples directly to learn more about their background before we recommend a text.  While some couples might know right off the bat they looking for an Orthodox text, they may not know about the option of a Lieberman Clause.

Alternatively, couples identifying as Reform might not know about Humanists text, which replaces emphasis on God and Jewish tradition to community and connection among individuals. Couples looking for an interfaith Ketubah may not even know where to start!

Lesbian and gay couples span the range of religious observance, and the last thing we want is a feeling of confinement to a specific text.  Rather than be limited to a list which says “you are this—therefore pick this” our approach is hands-on, sincere, and individual.

Our modern designs and colorful work is a product of the emotion that love should bring. As we speak with more and more couples about their awesome custom Ketubah, we get even more ideas. As we combine the texts we work with you to create with a background of modern masters—Chagall, Picasso, Miro, and Klimt to name just a few!

We look forward to working to make you the most beautiful Ketubah you’ve ever seen.  Be in touch!


Team Ketubah

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